Trump, the mutual enemy

Ah, Trump, the smug, racist guy we all know and love. Everyone always shrugs him off when he “thinks about” running for President, but this time he actually did it. Is it all a publicity stunt to get his brand more well-known, to earn him more money? Probably. But, as you might’ve heard, multiple big companies, such as NBC, have cut ties with him due to racist comments during his campaign announcement speech. Heck, even Macy’s dropped their line of Trump menswear and fragrances. Are you disturbed to learn of the existence of such menswear and fragrances? So am I. But the point is that millions of dollars are going down the drain for the Donald as he finds out that running for president is actually serious business.

So what are my thoughts on Trump?


Trump is friggin’ hilarious! Every word he says embodies the stupidity of the americans who actually follow him. When his comments against Mexicans started losing him business, instead of backing down like most sane politicians would, he doubled down and made himself look like a totally racist jack@s$. He said he would build a great wall between Mexico and the U.S., and somehow force Mexico to pay the bill!

And here’s the latest: Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman recently escaped from a top-security prison somewhere in Mexico. For the second time. Now, usually I don’t care about this kinda stuff, but when Trump steps in to spice things up, they get interesting! So what did the Donald do this time?

His Twitter account tweeted: “Mexico’s biggest drug lord escapes from jail. Unbelievable corruption and USA is paying the price. I told you so!”

Three things:

  1. That kinda doesn’t even make sense. As far as I know, the USA isn’t really involved in this yet.
  2. Adding more gasoline to the fire isn’t going to help his withering business relationships. You piss off more latinos? You piss off more businesses who don’t want to be caught up in this crap.
  3. Republicans are starting to hate Trump because of this exact kind of thing. The latino vote is crucial for them right now, and Trump is ruining it all.

So Trump might be running for President as a Republican. But neither side likes him that much at all now. The GOP is trying to tell him to back off, but Trump will be Trump, and telling him what to do only makes him more angry. He’s become a mutual enemy for both Democrats and Republicans.

…then you just have the people like me, who sit back and laugh at it all, regularly checking the news for the latest idiotic thing Trump has done so we can laugh some more.


Hello… world…!

According to WordPress, this is my very first blog post, even though I didn’t post it. So I’ll just edit it. (Make sure to visit my about page for info ‘n’ stuff.)

This blog was just today born into this world. It is like a new-born child; it has much to learn and honestly no idea how to do anything. It hopes it will attract attention, and it may cry, whine or throw a temper-tantrum to do so (just kidding….maybe).

So I guess I’ll just go about making my first real blog post.